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Our Staff

Each Director at Aaron Smith, P.C. is a Certified Public Accountant

All of our directors are highly qualified and have a deep concern for our clients. Each has extensive business experience that together spans a wide range of industries. This knowledge, along with their personal attention, is available to you.

Visit and review our directors’ biographies listed below.

David P. Padegimas
CPA, Director

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 228

Email: dpadegimas@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Bernard F. “Buzz” Travers, III
CPA, Managing Director

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 226

Email: btravers@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Scott A. Betsher
CPA, Director

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 224

Email: sbetsher@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Pierce R. Keefe
CPA, Tax Director

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 225

Email: pkeefe@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Jean M. Achatz
CPA, Manager

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 245

Email: jachatz@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Jeremy M. Leblond
CPA, Director

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 240

Email: jleblond@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Nancy A. Labrie

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 241

Email: nlabrie@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Alanna K. Madsen
CPA, Supervisor

Phone: 413-525-0009 Ext. 236

Email: amadsen@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Cynthia (Cindy) W. Donovan

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 231

Email: cdonovan@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Trent Domingos
Staff Accountant

Phone: (413) 525-0009 Extension. 235

Email: tdomingos@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Kathleen Brown
Administrative Staff

Phone: 413-525-0009 Ext. 223

Email: kbrown@aaron-smith-cpa.com

Joanna Smigiel
Administrative Staff

Phone: 413-525-0009 Ext. 221

Email: jsmigiel@aaron-smith-cpa.com